Nappy Care & Info

What should I do when I receive my new nappies?
Always run a new nappy through at least a rinse cycle to remove any manufacturing residue. If you have purchased an embroidered nappy you may find traces of plastic (known as solvy) in the threads. This is used during the embroidery process and is a water soluble product, it will simply wash away. Please do not be tempted to pull at this plastic as it can damage the integrity of your embroidery. All bamboo is hot washed and dried at Kozy HQ before it goes anywhere near a nappy. The beauty of this is that a lot of the work is done for you in terms of building absorbency. You may soak your boosters in a bucket of cold water prior to the first wash but it's not 100% necessary (especially if like me you're keen to get the nappy OTB asap!).

How do I wash my nappies?
I recommend following the Australian Nappy Association's guidelines for washing nappies. They can be found hereĀ https://www.australiannappyassociation.org.au/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/How-to-Wash-Flyer.pdf